Nov 10, 2009

Winter Accesorizing: That's Tight!

Winter. Winter. WINTER! It is upon us as I announced not to long ago with my fave song, Winter Song .
How does one accessorize when you are wearing layers and layers of clothes?? One way is with TIGHTS!! Yaaas! I have been feigning for some warm but cool tights for like weeks and finally got the chance to scratch that itch. This resulted in me, of course, spending a little too much money on this all important winter accessory. (Clearly I have my priorities straight. No meat. No juice. TIGHTS! ha!) But anyway, tights are super important because first and foremost they can winterize dresses, pants that are too thin and even shorts. Yes, shorts. Secondly, because they can take an outfit to the next level. I'm personally a fan of textured tights especially for people who do not think they can pull of the crazy patterns and bold colors. I own a little of all of the options. One way that I like to rock highly patterned or bold colored tights is with black or specifically, a black dress or skirt. This gives the fly tights a chance to shine. I was perusing the internet and came across some wonderful tights options....

My fave site on the web is We Love Colors . I LOOOOOVE this website! Why? Because they have over 50 color options AND they come in big sizes/plus sizes/ an abundance of sizes. Here are some of my faves:

 Love the color and this chick is rocking the heck out of them. Get it bish!

This color is also super fab and I'm sure the same chick is rocking them.

The wonder of these tights are a little harder to see but they're glitter tights. I love sparkle!

These are a little harder to pull of but still so very wonderful! Live on the wild side!

You can also check out TARGET for some tights options and AVENUE for some additional plus tights options.
Ok, my loves! Happy Shopping!

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