Nov 28, 2009

IDK. Last Thoughts.

I have a "Last Song" every night but tonight I had a  mixture of last song/last thoughts.

I posted on my friend's wall like 5 seconds ago:

"2 things.

1.) Saw John Mayer interviewing today and like fell in love. (I never wanted to like him as much as I love his music but he got me today)
2.) That Rih album is siiiick musically. wow.

and a bonus- Bey had a special on ABC last night (clips from her new DVD)... Every time I see her, I'm reminded why I love her.... Nobody's checking her right now. (GaGa's is the closest but does Ga have longevity? I'm not sure yet.)

oh yeah, second bonus- Talib and Mos def were on Fallon the other night w/ Dirty Projectors backing them up. Hottness. Blackstar Reunites!"

that sums up my thoughts. Not that exciting, I know.(this blog is mostly a memory journal. my memory sux.)

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