Nov 13, 2009

Flying Solo: Solange

Solange. Solange. Love this chick. I cannot lie. I know people would imagine that because I'm the biggest Beyonce fan ever that I would ignore and create some imaginary beef with Solange. What's important to realize though is before Beyonce ever came into my world I was first a lover of music. With that being said, I cannot but help appreciate Solange's take on music. It is soothing, refreshing and groove's me to another level. I'm so so happy Solange stopped dancing backup for Bey and dropped a sophomore project that definitely had me wanting some more. My fave songs off of the Sophmore album, Sol-Angel and The Hadley Street Dreams is definitely..

This song is already hott and Bilal just takes this to another power... cosmic. Gawd.

Also, one of my all time faves of Solange. Girl, you betta sing! She is saaaagin' on this live version!

And real talk, low key I was sooo feeling this song off of The Fighting Temptations soundtrack.

Solange recently dropped a new song that's a mash-up between Dirty Projector's Stillness Is The Move and Dr. Dre's Explosive.
Check it at Concrete Loop. Solange is delivering on this one, baby! Solange- Stillness Is The Move

Good day my loves!

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