Nov 2, 2009

You're Fab! Ditto.

I mean let's be real, there's a difference between being fashionable and being stylish. Anybody can pick out what's "now" or fashionable but not many people are able to infuse the now with their own personal style. Style, my friends, is timeless. Style should be personal. Special. Your "you". Beth Ditto is that style. I know. I know. "But AuthenticQueen she rocks horizontal stripes and bright colors!" I see. But I love it! Still and still style is even more null and void without confidence. Ms. Beth D. has more than enough to give away to all the little lost boys and girls! And maybe I am really only in love with her because she's big and confident.. so what! She's still FAB! I present to you the wonderful Beth Ditto.. This interview she did on says it all... Get some!

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