Nov 17, 2009

Go Hard or Go Home: AK-47

It's hard to deny that Alicia Keys is a phenomenal artist but in light of her current home-wrecking ways I've been staying two feet away from her and her music. I'm having a similar dilemma with her that I had/am having with CB. How does the way people rock in real life affect the way you listen to to their music? Is it even fair to discredit their music when they do super triflin' things? Though I must say AK's issue is not equal to CB's craziness. But anyway, AK is a home-wrecker.  (refer to this for more info on that nonsense) AK is also a great artist and musician. I'm for sure going to forgive time.  She's dropping her new album in December and has dropped a couple singles off of the new album. Her first song flopped.. In my opinion it was definitely not special enough and was pretty bland....even for AK. I'm not asking for a "Single Ladies" or anything but dang. Her latest song and video is definitely a better try... Check it below..

Good day my loves!

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