Nov 15, 2009

You Gotta Have Faith!: Forever 21 Plus

So the other day I was in downtown Chicago with one of my "Forever 21 size" friends (I was about to say one of my skinny friends but I thought it sounded too hater)and we decided to do a little Forever 21 visit. I dig Forever 21 just as long as whatever I'm wearing from them is not on 30 other people in the same room as me. (which happens all too often.) Forever 21 is wonderful for people with limited funds but looking to up their cuteness/fashionable-ness. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Fashion is cool but style rules! If you rock with Forever but also infuse your own personal style into it, then it's a go. Unfortunately, too many people rock Forever from head to toe and lack little style. Ugh. So anyway, I usually buy various accessories or every once in a while I find something there that can work for me. The other day I made my way upstairs and stumbled upon their new plus size line, Faith 21. Ummmm, ok. I had heard about this line earlier this year and had been looking forward to it. I was unimpressed.

They had ish like this:

And this:

That belt is soooo nasty!

So yeah, I was disappointed. Needless to say, the in store merchandise was just as unimpressive. Sigh. I'll continue watching and hoping though. Keep the FAITH!

A little George Michael to make you feel better after that...

George Michael- Faith

Good day my loves!

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