Nov 30, 2009

Remember... Claudette??

Yes, Claudette! Claudette was the chick in the group City High which also had our friend from Sister Act in it as well. Remember? City High was dropping tracks like What Would You Do? and Carmel during the early 2k's (about 2001). They had a respectable amount of buzz with those two tracks. In fact, their album went double platinum! That does not happen that often these days. But anyway, back to Claudette. Claudette did a track with Wyclef in about 2002 and it was my absolute favorite track back then! I was listening to it this morning and I couldn't help but think about City High and Claudette when they were on top. Claudette was spotted in early 2009 doing a joint concert with Mya and I have not heard anymore from her since. Check my fave song.

Two Wrongs - Wyclef Jean featuring Claudette Ortiz of City High

Good day my loves!

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