Nov 21, 2009

Blog Plug: Le Blog de Big Beauty

I happened upon this blog randomly one evening as I was going through my daily internet journey. The title on top is actually the name of the blog. When I first happened upon the blog name I was like "Ugh. Here is some semi-fly big American chick trying to be different, writing in French and ish." But turns out the chick is actually French and the whole blog is in French! Also, she's not semi-fly, bish is super fly! I basically go to this blog daily just to get style inspirations. Real talk. Below are some of my fave outfits to date. Check the blog here.

 Mostly, I'm just crazy about this sequined jacket she's rocking. I need some sequins in my life ASAP!

Peep the gloves! She is straight super star status right here!

One of the cas outfits she rocked. Crazy about the jacket and scarf combo!

Sigh. She's soooooo fly. Gotta love it.
Check her blog for more pics!

Good day my loves!

pics courtesy of L eBlog de Big Beauty

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