Nov 17, 2009

I Just Died A Million Deaths. Part Two

Now that I've watched Queen Bey's new video an embarrassing number of times I think I should offer a little more than "OMG". I still stand by my 3 trillion "OMG's" but I also have some further insights to offer about the video. LOL. First of all the video was beyond exciting,full of vibrant colors, fierce make-up and banging choreography. One part that had me laughing hysterically was GaGa. Why? Because Bey had her looking.... mad regular. Bey told old girl "Excuse me King LaLa ,GaGa or whatever they call you.. My name is Bey-once. I am the Queen of all time. You will not come up in my video with your skull masks, rabbit skin and weird choreo. You will wear this white bodysuit, shoot this Nerf gun and do MY choreography. Thank you." And handed her ish to her in a plastic bag like any good Southern girl would do. And GaGa took that ish like the man she is. She WORQED it! The other funny part was also Bey prancing around in that West Coast "sexy-gangster" outfit. I love Bey but really, a sequined shirt and rag? LOL. All in all. The video was beyond entertaining and worth the wait...

Go Ahead.. You know you want to.. Go watch it Again.. Videphone- Bey f/GaGa

Good day my loves!

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