Nov 18, 2009

ObXession: Jazzy Does Kiss By A Rose

Anybody who actually knows me knows that beside my intense love of Sia, Kanye West and Beyonce, Jazmine Sullivan stands right at the front of the list. I'm just psycho in love with this chick. I'll be writing a more in depth piece on her and my intense love for her very very soon but I'll give you a little Jazzy now. I have a long standing love for Jazzy...long before she ever got signed (the 2nd time) and became as big as she is steadily getting. If you're not into my girl Jazzy get to know her immediately. My Gawd. Below is a song/cover that I've been obxessing over off and on for the last say...5 months and the last two weeks it has just been playing in my head like everyday. Anyway, I give you "Kiss By A Rose" the Jazmine Sullivan rendition... Enjoy!

Good day my loves!

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