Nov 14, 2009

Get Stung: Queen Bey

Happy Friday The Thirteenth and all that jazz! Do people say that?? Who knows...

Anyway, I cannot even begin to go into my OBXESSION with Beyonce. I'm saving all my energy to do an "Obxession" blog post on her super soon and quite honestly there will most likely be 3 million parts posted throughout the life of this blog. Bey and GaGa have been teaming up and doing some records together and November 23rd is a big day for them and specifically for the love of my life, Bey. November 23rd means the drop of her long awaited "I Am...Yours" DVD and the drop of her and GaGa's video for "VideoPhone". This may sound strange but I definitely have that day marked in my planner. No lie. The re-mix FINALLY dropped today after they (Bey's label) tricked all of the Bey stans (forever fans) last week and decided not to premiere the "VideoPhone" video at the last minute. Uggghh! Best believe I was super heated! Below is the "VideoPhone" remix and "Telephone" remix that is going to be on GaGa's new album, The Fame Monster.

Not crazy about GaGa's part but it does not matter... I bet that video is going to be SICK!!!

This is also an interesting song. I guess the thing is that both of them have very distinctive voices and it just sounds kinda strange together. But all in all, putting two of the biggest stars together equals a sky full of awesomeness. Mostly, I am just beyond excited to peep the video for both of their songs. You know Bey's going to bring the fierce and GaGa is going to bring the crazy. Looove it!

Good day my Loves!

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