Nov 10, 2009

OMG! Your Skin's Sooo Soft!

So the other day I was sitting next to one of my friends at dinner who "accidentally" (ha!) rubbed up against me and exclaimed "OMG! Your skin's soooo soft!" I was thrown off but then I let out a hearty "Thank you!" and all was well in the world. Ha. JK. But really, my skin is at its healthiest right now and so I started to wonder what exactly am I doing different that I was not doing the last four years of my life. Hmmm. First, I think it's also important to point out that thankfully, due to wonderful genes (hey mama!), I was not a acne sufferer. Never have been. Always had clear skin until... college. Gawd! Pissed me off immensely. I got to college and my skin waged an all out war against me! The thing is was not acne as much as it was just lots and lots of little bumps. They eventually subsided toward the end of my College career but still my skin was not back to it's old self. sigh.

Enter- Post College Life. Softer, clearer, teenage-years skin started to show itself. Yay! What have I been doing differently? Well, for one I get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Certainly a far ways off from the 4.5-6 hours I entertained during college. Up next on the list is the ridiculous amounts of water I drink everyday. I seriously consume at least 3 Nalgenes full. To non "private liberal art college" people this is about 96 ounces or almost 3 liters of water. I did not start drinking this much water because I was thinking about all the health benefits but because I'm cheap and water is free. I'm dead serious. I cannot bring myself to spend money on juices and pops and such. Another thing that I do now that I failed to do while in college is take vitamins. I take one multi-vitamin and one fish oil supplement pretty much everyday. I also moisturize, daily with cocoa butter lotion. Wonderfulness! And generally I'm just way less stressed than I was the last 4 years of my life. Also, as an added bonus I barely eat meat these days. Once again, not because I'm trying to be all healthy and such (I like meat a lot) but because it's cheaper to not eat it. Real talk. Yeah, that's about it. Inquiring minds wanted to know. It's especially important to start thinking about skin health as we transition to winter.

Another blog I read wrote an article about this the other day that you can also reference. Curly Nikki

Good day my loves!

P.S. My Nalgene is actually that color at the top. Ha!

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