Nov 11, 2009

I Like Ya But Ya Crazy!: Going GaGa

One of my friends from back in the day use to always say to me "I like ya but ya crazy!" in this hilarious voice. This exactly what I think every time I see GaGa's crazy behind. I'm still on the fence about whether the psycho is genuine or manufactured to make people look at her and scratch their heads the entire time... Whatever the case may be, it's working and she's getting hecka spins and making lots of money. Get yo paper Boo Boo!

So anyway, like last week she was on that interesting station by the name of BET on 106 & Park where she was spreading as much crazy around as is humanly possible. After watching the video I liked GaGa a little more and felt sorry for Rocsi. sigh.Who would have known that malnourishment can pretty much make your interviewing skills the pits..hmmm..

Anyway, here's GaGa scantily clad and the hosts being all BET like.

Somebody please explain to me how one can respond "That's a good look" after a person says their father had heart surgery... Part 2, around the 2:00 mark.

And also check GaGa's latest psycho video.. Bad Romance.

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