Nov 4, 2009

Being Au Natural: Imaginary Fist Pounds and All....

Excuse me for a moment. I do not mean to be rude. But being natural is in fact the next best thing since say... sliced bread or ...the Bulls winning championships. ha! What exactly do I mean by being natural? I mean having natural hair. Inhabiting the utmost flyness that can only be acquired through natural hair. Being cool. Being Fierce. Being....natural. Ahhh. This is not to say that girls rocking a different 'do cannot be fly (the same way I would never say a skinny girl could not be fab) but I have to say natural hair is FTW (for the win) and beyond FAB! Try to get big hair with a perm. Possible, but it can and will never reach the heights of the stretch of the natural hair. Fact. I must also say this is coming from a girl who lived for straight hair. I'm talking about.. I made sure my permed hair was always looking straight, shiny and ummmmm flat (??). I must also say that my hair was as healthy as it could possibly be with a perm. Every new hairstylists I went to said so. So, no shade.

But on to the main point, going and being natural is fly. I think about the times I oscillated between rocking the perm and rocking the curl/kink/natural. I thought about transitioning to natural hair for a good 1-2 years. No joke. Finally deciding (or my hair deciding for me) it was definitely what I wanted to do. Everyday I am soooo happy I finally made the decision to let go of the creamy crack (perm). I'm not saying my life magically got better because I went natural but I am saying that going natural was the best thing for ME! Now, wherever I'm out and one of my natural girls and I spot each other... We give each other "the look" and hand out an imaginary fist pound. (think Pres. Obama and First Lady). And that, my friends, never happened to me when I was on the creamy crack team. Just saying.

photo courtesy of the afroclud- nneka by selena

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