Nov 6, 2009

ObXession: Tar-jay

I know you're probably wondering wth (what the h*ll) is Tar-jay?? Let me explain... Tar-jay for those outside of the loop is..... Target. Yes, TARGET! Anybody who really knows me, knows that I have the most intense obXession with Target. I'm talking about.. it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to go into that store and walk out of it empty handed. It's kinda sad but it's makes me soooo HAPPY! I have a confession (or 2).. My freshmen year of college, each and every time I went to Target I spent at least.. $100.. no joke. Sad, huh? Mind you, I was a broke college student! (I'm not going to even tell you how often I went. It's sooo embarrassing.) I had to get that habit in check really quick though because it was definitely not sustainable. And even to this day, one of my first thoughts when I get paid is TAR-JAY!!! It's sick but oh so wonderful. I swear I could be rich and famous and the paparazzi would catch me every time at the local Target. Haha! So I was perusing the Target website today and I came upon some lovely items....

This dress is classic and timeless. You can wear this during the upcoming holiday season or next year. Also comes in black, fuchsia and red. Love it!

A chair? Yes, a chair. I totally dig this chair. It could be a great accent piece in a bedroom or living room and it comes in many many more patterns!

A good eyeshadow (that shows up on darker skin) is HARD to come by. Target, my friends, partners with top cosmetic companies to bring us the best. Pixi is one of those. The perfect palette for a good winter smokey eye. Get some!

The winter boot! I know. I know. It has a heel but a small one! I've had the pleasure of experiencing this boot and let me tell you, it is even MORE fabulous in person. This picture does it no justice! Great, classic winter boot.

That's all now my lovelies! Happy Shopping!
(maybe I'll start doing a "This Week at Target" post every week)

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