Nov 8, 2009

Unexpected Fun: The Coat Check Girls

No, "The Coat Check Girls" is not some new group I'm obsessed with or some new blog I can't stop reading. It's actually a name my friend and I acquired one evening as we checked coats at a wedding. Two people who use to work for the organization we work for (well, one still works with the Org.) got married Saturday. (And yes, they totally met when they started working here!!) They needed some coat check girls as they thought it would be a cold November day. (which is was not!) So we offered up or services expecting to at least have fun with each other. (we were, after all, stuck in a closet.. hahaha!) And by have fun I mean crack jokes and entertain each other the entire evening. We had nooo expectations of being the source of so many others' entertainment! So, the thing was... that we knew a good number of people who were attending the wedding. This meant that they were concerned most of the night about our well being. Which also meant visitors, drinks, food and FUN! We had the BEST time ever as "The Coat Check Girls"! We literally checked maybe ten coats/jackets. So we had soo much time on our hands. There were a couple highlights of the evening. One being, when one of our co-workers husband smuggled a whole basket of bread out of the dinner to bring to us. Hilarious! Then when the same co-worker ran out to drag me into the reception hall to dance with her to Journey's "Dont Stop Believing". Mind you, when I say co-worker I mean like kinda my superior and like 40 yrs old. I LOVE her! One final great moment was, when toward the end of the night I went up and sang Aretha's "Respect" and everybody loved it! I shall never forget my mostly tipsy boss running up to me and screaming "OMG!!!! You were great! Woooooow!"..

It was such a great night! And the cute boy-friends we made sure helped! I just love love Unexpected FUN! Book "The Coat Check Girls" for your next event. We promise not to disappoint! Below, Respect by Aretha so it can get stuck in your head like it is in mine!

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