Nov 18, 2009

I Heart My Hair: Natural Paintings

I know. I know. I've said "I heart my hair" a couple times already but this post has less to do about my actual hair and more to do about the amazing art I just discovered. I peeped this artist a couple days ago and have been going back daily to look at her pieces again and again. I'm in love with the artists simplicity, bold colors and of course the way in which natural hair inspires each of her pieces. She is herself a natural haired gal...

Beautiful, right?

Her name is Andrea Pippins and she runs the blog Fly. She recently launched her website where she is selling her prints. Go check the website I Love My Hair and get a glimpse of her amazing art! My faves are below.

It says "The only regret I have with going natural is that I didn't do it sooner"
Great message. Lovesss it.

I dig the whole fro-hawk as that is my signature style.

If you would like to see more of her work skip on over to I Love My Hair.

Good day my loves!

(p.s. I would sooo not be mad if this showed up on my doorstep for my b-day in 3 weeks. ha.)

photos and prints courtesy of I Love My Hair and Fly.

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