Nov 18, 2009

She Speex! : Music as Life

By she.. I mean me, AuthenticQueen! Hehehehe. Anyway, I just had a random thought (or series of thoughts) and I wanted to write it down on here so I wouldn't forget. Also, others might fell similarly so I wanted to share. I was thinking about how much my life would suck if muzik did not exist. (Ugh. I kinda hate when people write muzik like <- that. stopping now.) I love music and I was thinking today about how different life would be without it. I would, first of all have one of the most boring life's ever. Like, I would walk around extremely unhappy and wear ash gray and brown all the time. I can just think about how much I listen to music everyday. I'm talking I wake up every morning with a song in my head. Every single morning. I then usually get my morning fix of music before I go to work. If I dont get a chance to listen to music before I leave.. I am guaranteed to be in a bad mood...until I can get to work and listen to whatever is in my head. Then, throughout the day whenever I have a brief moment, I immediately turn on a song. It's sick. After work, I come home and I listen to music until I go to bed for the night. I can guarantee you that I'm singing something in my head then too. (Right now I'm literally humming in my head ...Grizzly Bear- Two Weeks)

I mean.... like music is my life. If I could listen to it every second of everyday I would. Just think about it. There is a song or a soundtrack to every moment in your life. What I mean is that their is a song that can be played to perfectly express every single moment of your life. At least there is for mine. I'm just so grateful to people who do music. Who love music. Who live music.

Whew. That is all. End Scene. :)


Photo courtesy of Song Cacher Girl

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