Nov 1, 2009

C. Breezy:To Get Caught Up In The Whirlwind or Not...

Soo... I am a intense lover of music. The kind that can talk excitedly about music for hours on end and never get tired. But anyway, One of my favorite Chris Brown (CB) songs to this day is YO (Excuse Me Miss) (with Poppin in a close second). I've always been a CB fan. Like, I can remember when he had his first "Artist To Watch" spotlight on MTV. He was this young, attractive kid with a high pitched voice who was just eager to get in the game.... Fast forward.. he becomes mad successful and  is living out his dream... Fast forward a little more... and there he is with his celebrity boo, Rih Rih. Then Grammy's 2009 he lost his mind and decides to "graffiti"  up Rih Rih's face. She was beat, alright. So unfortunate. So beyond trifling on CB's part. I stopped listening to his music for a good 6 months. No lie. I was (and still am) disappointed in that fool. Like, WTF? I recently started listening to his music again. And why I can guarantee that I will never ever buy a CB CD again, a part of me is sad that he had to be a low key "Ike". Now that he's back for real now, I'm asking myself does he deserve my attention, my money, my time?.. An answer I'm still not completely sure of. Do I get caught up in the whirlwind of the newly rehabbed CB? Is it fair for me to even connect his past actions and his musical genius? Does supporting CB mean I support domestic violence? These are all questions I am constantly asking myself. Right now I have not completely sorted it out... But for now check out one of my fave CB Performances..

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