Oct 31, 2009

The AuthenticQueen does Halloweeeeeen... (Well, sort of)

So yester-night (yes, yester-night) some of my friends had a huuuuge Halloween bash. I knew before I even entered that it was going to be crazy. And it did not disappoint. I dressed up as a 70's chick. I know, lame but I really wanted to rock my hair in a fro. I looked cute. ha. Pictures forthcoming. The funniest outfit that unfortunately has no photographic evidence is the outfit I wore home this morning. Let's just say it was a mix between a pirate/cowboy/dominatrix/college student. Wish I would have took a pic but that was the farthest thing from my mind. All I wanted was a bed, some water and 2 aspirins. Peace! Safe Halloween my loves!

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