Nov 15, 2009

How Precious!: My Favorite Color Is Fluorescent Beige.

That, my friends, is a quote from the movie "Precious" starring Monique, Paula Patton and Gabourey Sibide as Precious.That quote stands out to me in particular because of the many times comedic relief breaks were the only reasons your body allowed you to keep watching. It was like constantly soothing a burn only to get burned again. The movie left so much to be pulled, talked about, prodded and changed. The story of Precious is special in the way that it impacts every person that takes it in. To leave feeling neutral or untouched is impossible. I know. Watching the movie impacts people in varying degrees and in a variety of ways. Some say it reminds them of something or someone they know while others mourn their not knowing, their ignorance to other people's lives. However it affects you (or me for that matter), my only hope is that people are able to walk away with emotions and thoughts that are productive. Whether that is having an extensive conversation with someone or giving to a "cause", it's important. Precious was a great movie, even if it's only purpose is to get us thinking silently to ourselves. We are all different and important parts of the colorful threads of life. I mean... imagine living a world where the only inspiring color was fluorescent beige. ugh.

Here's a great New York Times article on the movie:Check it!

And here's the trailer:

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