Jun 21, 2010

2 Day In Music.....

OMG! I have been soooooo lazy as of late! It's the summa time though so forgive me. I have some interesting music to deliver today though!

1. Ya'll! Guess what? The sun just shone so bright! Wanna know why? LAURYN HILL IS BACK!!! Here's a couple videos of her performing this weekend!

2. Remember when hood Ron Artest thanked his psychiatrist and the hood and then plugged his latest single? Well, here is his latest single. It's actually decent.

3. Also, my friend sent me this song that they are apparently bumping in New Orleans and I cannot even lie, this sung is stuck in my head!!! I was expecting it to be really horrible and while the video is low budget, the girl is cute and can actually sing! Get into this "My Boy" by Kourtney Heart. (Also, try to ignore Magnolia's face and remedial rapping. I know...)


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