May 15, 2011


So, I've been world's worst blogger these last couple of weeks. YEEEAH, SORRY. I attempted to do some heavy blogging before I left for D.C. for the weekend but naturally, BLOGGER WAS DOWN. fml. Anyway, here's a mash-up of goodness. :)

1. Is Rih Rih the best vocalist to walk the planet? NO. Is she hot? ABSOLUTELY. Check her new vid below!

2. I LOVE Raven-Symone. She is one of those people who is cute in a photo and awesome in person!

3. L. Boogie was on Jimmy Fallon! I see she's been doing her fair share of dumpster diving but I'll let it go because it's Lauryn Hill and she is responsible for one of the best albums of all time! :)

I know this was quite a random lil update but I wanted to get it all in! Have a lovely week!


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