Dec 21, 2010

Birthday Reflections

My bday has come and gone and I have been of course continuing my year of heavy reflection and this is what I wrote right as my bday rang in..

"I dont think I have ever taken a proper moment to reflect on my birthday. Usually I spend my time leading up to the day thinking about plans and imagining what I'll wear. This year was different. I had the opportunity to take some moments and reflect on the many challenges and triumphs this year, in particular, has brought me. As I filled my facebook status updates with sentiments of love, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the people who are in my life and who encourage, love, reprimand and make me laugh until my side hurts. I LOVE people. I LOVE you all. I appreciate all the positive energy that the presence of so many individuals bring to my otherwise dull life. My birthday is a celebration of you. Without you this day is meaningless. Cheers to friends, love and memories."

That's exactly how I feel as I close out this year- mindful of the many challenges I survived and grateful for the many lessons I learned. Through the challenges I have come to realize the true value of a friend and fortunately my birthday party this year was able to prove that fact 30X over. God is great and friends make life better. Much love.


Arthur said...

true happiness can never fully be displayed through a smile but true and honest reflection are apart of the set keys needed to unlock the door to utter bliss and unconditional joy. the other keys? well that's for you to think about. Love You Ray! :) <3

Ray! said...

Thanks, ART!!! Love you!

Bes said...

I love this entry! Looks like you had an amaying time. :)