Dec 29, 2010

Obxessed: Rated R

Wow. I just remembered that I hadn't shared an interesting fact about my year with you all. I LOVED Rihanna's last album..... I know. I know. Strange, I hear you say BUT let me explain.

It was something about Rihanna's last album that had me catching my breath and playing her songs on repeat. I mean, WOW. If I had to psychoanalyze Rih during this period in her life I would say (as most people would) that she was in a state of constant emotional shifting and this seems to have positively affected her music. Rihanna's album was in constant rotation and helped me to appreciate her more as an artist.With the release and a listen of her latest album, Loud, I had to take a moment to reminisce on possibly, her greatest album ever.( I mean let's be honest- life is not cruel enough to serve you another dose of a "CBreezy Scandal" and therefore a meaningful album.)

So anyway, my favorite songs off of Rih's last album:

Cold Case Love- Rihanna


The Last Song- Rihanna

And last but not least:


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