Apr 8, 2010

Blog Plug: Very Smart Brothas

Honestly, this is my new fave blog! Like, seriously. These "brothas" are indeed smart. I came across their blog actually while reading a comment on a Clutch blog post the other day. (Clutch is also a blog I need to plug soon.) I think what sold me on highlighting them on this blog is when I read a post they put up today that talked about Governor McDonnell re-instating Confederate History Month in Virginia. (Here I was thinking I had heard it all! YT's have some things up their sleeves, baby!). The brothas that run the blog, Panama Jackson and The Champ, did a wonderful job of stating the facts about this ridiculous proclamation and also making Virginia's governor look like the fool he is. I was dying of laughter when they suggested some other possible holidays that we needed to create. They decided we should have "Pilgrim Week":

Pilgrim Week – To commemorate the foresight of those individuals who recognized the potential for life in a new land with new beginnings and the wherewithall to forge past obstacles to set in motion the blueprint for Manifest Destiny

Oh wait, we have Thanksgiving for that.

And YOU get a blanket! And YOU get a blanket!
Hilarious, right? Their website is cheeky, intellectual, hilarious and well-informed. Check it here!

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