Apr 20, 2010

2Day In Music...

Cus I love you beautiful people.... Here's what's going crazy 2day!

1. Wale literally just tweeted this song. Like, this is how committed I am to bringing you all the best!

2. And Ciara... my MY... Ciara is coming out swinging, ladies and gentleman! Please check this new joint and tell me how does it feel? (Yes, A How Does It Feel reference.) This record is serious.

3.  And then we have Little Brother's video for "Curtain Call". This song just means so much to me. Like it brings me back to a time when my brother first introduced me to Little Brother... and actually my bro first introduced me to hip hop period. tear. Kanye was my first real journey I hopped on, baggage and all, though I had visited briefly with a couple other artists, Ye was the one that stuck. And Little Brother has also been apart of that flight for a while.... Check it.

Y'all have a splendid day! I know I am.

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