Apr 15, 2010

2 Day In Music.... Knee Deep in Hip Hop

For some strange reason, this last week I have been inhaling hip hop/rap. I dont even know why, it's just been happening that way. I'm a R&B/ raw vocals kind of chick but maybe it's the sunshine the Midwest has been serving that has me launching into hours of hip hop sessions. So, what have I been getting into?

1. All City Chess Club
 Lupe Fiasco has the internet buzzing with his recent tweet about "The All City Chess Club". Some are speculating that maybe it's the team that is going to be on the remix of his latest song, I'm Beamin'. Whatever it is, I like it! This a GREAT team!

2. Where has Charles Hamilton Been?? Who knows. (I would disappear too after getting punched by this chick. Rough.) But anyway, he explains where he's been and spits a freestyle here.

3. Yesterday I sat outside on my patio (Jealous of my "suburban dream home"? ::sarcasm::), ate chipotle and listened to this album in it's entirety. I'm not going to say it's bonkers but it's solid. Download Wiz Khalifa's "Kush and OJ" here.

4. Another thing I learned this week, all the true gangsta's/ tree heads are taking advantage of next Tuesday, 4/20 to release albums. How original! ::sarcasm:: (If you did not just get why this last point is interesting, I'm sorry. Go friend a college student or gangsta and find out.)

That's all friends! nod to 2dopeboyz for all these tidbits and sponsoring my current rap sessions.


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