Apr 19, 2010

(Past) ObXession: Show Me What I'm Looking For

I can seriously remember the very first time I heard this song. I was still in a post sleep stupor, trying to wake up and get out, when I turned on my TV and left the room. I remember hearing this song (and its amazing harmonies) and running back into my room eager to see who was singing my new fave song. :) It was Carolina Liar and the song was "Show Me What I'm Looking For". I think this song also continues to be one of my favorites because in a lot of ways it is a cry to God. "Save me, I'm lost. Oh Lord I've been waiting for this... Show me what I'm looking for." Right? It's like an undercover prayer. (AND they played it all the time on the radio and TV.) Score.

This song summarizes my current thoughts/mood to the "T".  Check it.

Here is the song in acoustic.AND Here is one of my other favorite songs by them, I'm Not Over.


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