Apr 22, 2010

I Heart My Hair + In Real Life

Okay, so this is not a music,news or fashion post but please, I must share two text messages that I just simultaneously received.

Mom: "Hello Monda, I just took my hair down {out of braids}I just want to go natural. What should I use to make it appear curly?"
Me: :::Gave her instructions via text:::
Mom: YOU ARE GREAT (edit: yes, in all caps.)

MWWWWHAHAHAHAH! My plan is working. Everybody is doing it. Join the club!

Her: "It Finally happened! A slave question was asked and everybody (including prof) looks at me as if I'm supposed to answer. That's some bull! Silly h*es!"
Her: I looked at them like say something and I'll get all the coloreds and just go WILD!!!

Boy oh Boy!!!! People, do better! Especially the professor. You like have a doctorate.

PSA: Go natural. Unlock your true dopeness. ALSO. Ignorance is a bad look. 
Ignorant < Being Dope

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