Apr 29, 2010

Dope Quote:Dumb It Down

"They told me I should come down cousin, but I flatly refused I aint dumb down nothing."

- Lupe Fiasco

I have been thinking about this quote pretty much for the last week and though Lupe was referring to his rap skills when let he go of this nugget, I think you can relate this to almost anything. Sometimes, people are mediocre lifers. This means they are secure in their mediocrity. They enjoy letting it fester and run (Langston). They are content with being regular or mediocre for the rest of their lives. Mediocre Lifers. People will constantly want you to indulge mediocrity because quite honestly, sometimes it's just easier. Dont. Do. It. Run from mediocrity. Chase progression.* Refuse to Dumb It Down.

* A friend's motto that I dig.

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