May 23, 2010

Fashion Dopeness: Melody Eh$ani

Hello Friends!

I have been drooling over Melody Eh$ani's designs, which are mostly accessories, for quite sometime. What strikes me about her newest collection is its sleek lines and inherent chicness. Melody Eh$ani is a genius at what she does and to be blessed with the workings of her creative mind is to be given a gift. The more I start to seek art, the more I start to understand its importance to our livelihood. We need art whether it be music, fashion, words or visuals to better comprehend the complexity of the world around us. Okay my friends, I give you Ms. Eh$ani's latest work. (Please, also peep the dope styling and photography!)

Love. Please check Melody's Blog for additional items from this collection and more! She also shares some wise words every once in a while. Check her website to purchase items from her current collection!


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