May 11, 2010

Fashion Dopeness: NakiMuli

So, can I please just explain how selfish I am? I actually entertained not posting any of NaKIMuli's new designs out of fear that it would strike somebody's fancy and they would go out and purchase all the items below that will soon occupy my closet. I know. Rude. But have no fear, I decided to share the wealth!

I've posted about my fashion icon, Tennile before and she is still serving up the fabulousness. She introduced her new spring line just last week titled, "Lock You Up In Love For Days" and featured absolutely wonderful prints and designs. Some of my favorites and what I will be purchasing below.

Oh. My. Gawd. It's classic. It's fun. It's me!

The front... wait for it...

The back! AHHHHH! Hott.

Two tone tights! Hott!

And last but certainly not least, my all time favorite new design....

My life is complete. I can die in peace.

Oh dear geez! I am purchasing every single last one of these so yeah... Dont let me catch you in the streets jacking my fresh! lol. But really, do support Tennille at NaKIMULI at all costs because Lawd knows I cannot guarantee that her precious designs will not cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars very soon. She is definitely creating A LOT of buzz. Join the ride!


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