May 10, 2010

2Day In Music...

 Hey friends! Here we are.

1. B. Scott posted the song below the other day. I kinda dig it

2. Next up we have Miley Cyrus coming on out of her shell. We knew she was bound to start getting involved in h*e sh*t. Her voice and good song writing can only go so far. Check her channeling Britney below. Lawd, help the kids!

3. Next up is a demo DarkChild and GaGa produced. I can imagine them pushing this on Christina or Britney. Everybody is trickin' for tracks these days so anything is possible! A bish will pay an arm and leg for relevancy.

4. Then we have Ms. Kelly Rowland trying her best to not get knocked down by Bey's vicious lacefront. I must say, Kelly is dominating with her dance tracks. I can imagine this next song blasting in a Euro club. I promise I use to hate these dance tracks until I had my share of club nights in Europe and was sold. This song is a banger!


P.S. Listen to this Mariah and reminisce. (Full Mariah post tomorrow. I feel it in my bones.)

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