May 26, 2010

2Day In Music...

Okay. Shoot! So here I was all ready to get my "zzzz's" on when I decided to take a quick walk (an internet "walk") over to Pigeins & Planes and now I'm sitting here writing this post when I REALLY should be sleeping. I love Pigeons and Planes though. It's one of my all time fave music blogs! But anyway, I present to you some of the gems that I discovered on their blog and some other new music.

1. You all know I heart Miguel, right? Well he did a track with Usher and I have to say.... it's kinda "different" but I like it! I really do!

2. Next up is Rih Rih's video. I can dig it! The only thing is....I could only watch it once because I thought a couple demons were going jump through my screen and attack my bed. I mean, it's cute but it definitely has some dark undertones. :::shrugs:::

3. Then we have Rih Rih's ex-lover, C-Breezy with the video for the single off of his mixtape, "No Bullsh*t". Ummmmm, okay Breezy.... He was wildin' y'all! I try to keep this blog PG13 so yeah.... just be prepared for this video.

spotted @ Necole Bitchie

4. Then we have some new material from T.I.P.'s new album. I'm excited for his next album, King Uncaged! He let Keri get on this one. It's cute!

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