May 12, 2010

The Gossip Rundown

1. Alicia Keys is reportedly preggers. And if you're even remotely interested in the back story of why this pregnancy gets a huge side eye check a post I did here and here. We shall see. Here is an extremely suspicious photo below. The photo was taken at a recent concert. (nod to YBF for the photo.) For more info on this, check out YBF.

2. They freed Gucci! Awwwww. He emerged looking quite slim and very hyped! I would be hyped too if I knew that I would not have to protect my booty crack every moment of every day. That whole prison thing has to be rough. I'm playing Lemonade all day in honor of his release. (haha!)

He even speaks a lil better too. (I said... a lil better.)

3.Also, just heard news that model Noemi Lenoir attempted suicide yesterday. Saaaad. But I must say, this story sounds maaaad suspicious. Check more on that here.

4. On Chili's new reality show she talks about her relationships with Usher and Dallas Austin AND her ab*rtion. She apparently cried everyday for 9 years after the ab*rtion. This is really deep.

5. Various media outlets are reporting that Ms. Gabourey Sidibe (chick who starred in Precious) is becoming a little diva. Honestly, I only half believe it. From personal experience, I know that the expectation of a big, black girl is that you will have A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E. In most cases it's just deep racism or prejudice that people have not addressed as of yet. Just sayin'.. So this story definitely gets a huge side eye... But anyway, more on that here.

Keep it classy, people!

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