May 24, 2010

Article Dopeness: Why I Got Married

I regularly stop by the blog Naked With Socks On and take in the discussion of the day. Ans, the man behind the magic of the blog, is a wise and logical individual which are two things I value in a person. He's lived his life and is now in his 30's and therefore has a wealth of experience and lessons to share with his readers. Despite his life experience he has not yet married and therefore he has solicited the help of some married couples in his new series, "Why I Got Married". The first article in this series is great! I personally enjoyed reading it and would advise anybody who is interested in hearing the words of a real-life couple on marriage, to stop by. The first person narrative is real and honest and inspiring, in my opinion. An excerpt:

There’s no formula for us. I always say that we didn’t have a blueprint for what we do. And maybe that’s why it’s worked for us.

We knew what we didn’t want.

We didn’t want to end up like our parents. Angry. Bitter. And all gnarled up on the inside because of the hurt.

Neither of us brings our parents into the relationship. My mother was my confidant about many things, but that shifted once I got married. I noticed the “advice” that she would offer wasn’t always the best thing for me.

She suffered through an ugly divorce and had a “get yours” attitude that wasn’t good for a newlywed 20-something. Honestly, I don’t think she thought we would last this long. We’ve been married for 13 years, together for 17.

My dad, thrice married, is the one who shares stories from a man’s perspective, which I appreciate because I was hard headed in the early days, on some real feminist shit. And I didn’t have to be that way because my husband didn’t ever hold me back. Before we celebrated our first anniversary, I went to a writing program in Boston for the ENTIRE SUMMER.

People talked. His friends balked. His grandmother pitched a fit.

How could you let your wife go away for an entire summer?

We never let that talk into our heads. I can’t let an unhappy person, single or married, tell me how to do me.

Go on over and read it in its entirety. I'm excited for the rest of the series.

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