May 17, 2010

Article Dopeness: Mind Your Own Follicle!

Cluth releases their new edition of their "magazine" every Monday so that means that every Monday I scurry on over to Clutch and see what they're serving up. Today, the article that caught my eye was one titled, "Mind Your Own Follicle". The article talks about the "black hair debate" and how everybody tends to worry about other people's hair decisions when they need to just mind their own. Hey, I'm guilty of it myself but I still thought this article was on target with the ways in which we need to stop worrying about other people and do what works for ourselves. Not only does this concept apply to hair but it is a great concept to think about when interacting with others. I will forever and always Heart My Hair  but this article definitely shines a much needed light on the ways in which (black) people can heart their hair in multiple states. Click the link below.

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