May 14, 2010

Article Dopeness: Blipster's

I found myself thinking the other day, "So what do you call a black hipster? A blipster?" Well, apparently you do call a black hipster a "blipster". Today, in pursuit of some answers to my question I came across this article on The Root that really explores this phenomenon quite well. The Root says:

Simply put: The racial archetypes that had defined the last 15 years of masculine street style have given way to a radically new aesthetic. Gone are the extra-long T-shirts, saggy jeans and Timbs long favored by young black men. They haven’t swapped them for the mopey, emo tees once favored by young whites. Rather, urban youth of all colors now rock snug pants, bright, oversized graphic tees, spotless vanity sneakers and hats with brims flatter than Kansas.And a skateboard, too, if you can hack it. More than anything, these black hipsters are the “Kick, Push” generation.
 I really enjoyed reading this. Click the link below and make sure you play some Wale, Lupe and Ninjasonik while you read it!

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