May 3, 2010

The Gossip Rundown

I have not entertained anything gossip related in quite some time but today is your lucky day!

1. Halle Berry and her (swexy) boo, Gabriel are no more.  Yeah, I know! Everybody take a collective deep sigh. Halle, you are not giving the rest of us normal folks hope... Damn, you. More on that here.

2. Drake is apparently dating an ex-stripper/escort. blank stare...........Ummmm, Drizzy can I take a moment to tell you how this story generally unfolds? Lonely and silly rapper dates stripper. Stripper tries a million ways to impregnate herself. This includes but is not limited to, lying about taking birth control, getting you too drunk to remember to use a condom or using a turkey baster. Yes, a turkey baster. Upon success with any or all of these methods...Congratulations, you's (yes, you's) a daddy now! EIGHTEEN YEARS of your life planned out. Great. I'm going to have to agree with the following statement at this time: Money OVER Slores. Slores for those wondering means, Silly, Lying  Wh*res. Anyway, for more on this check YBF.

3. Toni Braxton is clearly going through some sort of a mid-life crisis seeming as she just got divorced. I'm going to need her to do better. This outfit is not edgy. It just reminds me of a crackhead who got a hold of some clippers and American Apparel throw-aways. Besides all of that, check her new video. It's kinda cute.

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