May 12, 2010

Blog Plug: Kwesi Abbensetts

A couple weeks ago I blessed this blog with a couple of Kwesi Abbensett's  (aka Spaceship George) photo's with a promise that I would do a blog plug about him soon. So as promised, here is a thorough post displaying more of the magnificent works of Kwesi.

I can count on one hand the artists and work that actually speaks to me, Kwesi is one of them. I think what really draws me to his work is the vibrancy of color and variety of focus. Kwesi effectively captures the mood of the subject and the depth of the shot. I am in love. sigh.

And below, a video of him doing a photo shoot. I want to marry him. Check his fresh.

M Report Episode 5 from Soul Purpose Media on Vimeo.

All photo's belong to Kwesi catch more of Kwesi on his blog.

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