May 4, 2010

Article Dopeness: Hip Hop's Shug Avery

A friend sent me this article and I must say, it is quite compelling. Just one of the many reasons Ms. Minaj will not let herself be great! An excerpt:

Watching Minaj’s cameo in Usher’s “Lil Freak” video, it’s hard not to have a Joe Wilson outburst. Besides the tragic display of a mid life crisis, the four minute clip is the latest example of hip hop’s complicated relationship with bisexuality.Rocking split colored bangs and screaming the names of Santa’s reindeers into a stranger’s ear, Nicki scouts the bevy of video girls to bring back to Usher. The threesome fantasy is not new to hip-hop, but with her newfound fame, Nicki Minaj has given the bisexual woman a space on the track. Even with the additional voice, the portrayal of the lady is, well, a tramp.
Necessary components of the rapper’s lifestyle, the bisexual women have been simplified between lines and over beats. She is a gorgeous woman who could have any man she wants and also happens to go both ways. She is promiscuous and insatiable. Unabashedly bold, she radiates sexual energy from the moment she walks through the room. She is a less complicated version of Alice Walker’s jazz singer from The Color Purple, Shug Avery.
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