May 13, 2010

Song of the Moment: Lovers & Friends

I remember when I first heard this song... I was in the car and WGCI (Chi-town radio station) literally played this song three times in a row when it first dropped because they knew it was that craaazy. But anyway, I opened my eyes this morning and just started singing this. Random. It's probably because yesterday night I "celebrated" one of my friend's b-day's and gave him some excessive advice about "lovers and friends". Listening to Usher the whole day and reminiscing on a time when he use to make the most amazing music EVER! (Confessions, anyone?) Apologies in advance if I write posts in way too many CAPS today. I'm just feeling really dramatic for some reason. haha. (refer to post below for excessive CAPS LOCK.)

"Please tell yo lovers and friends that Usher, John and Luda had to do it again."


P.S. You ever wake up and just dont give a eff? Well, let's just say I'm def gon be late 2day. sigh.

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