May 10, 2010

Article Dopeness: VSB Talks Pretension

My sister sent me this article from Very Smart Brothas and I had to chuckle to myself because Lawd knows I am beyond guilty of that pretension disease. I think 1.) It's just a component of my personality that I have to constantly keep in check and 2.) I blame it on that "highly selective private liberal arts college" I attended and graduated from (graduating from school is just as important as going as I had to remind a suitor the other day.) I realized that I suffered from this condition when; 1.) I refused to entertain a dude who had not graduated from college and was a store manager...somewhere. (Who even knows? I stopped listening.) 2.)  I was scared that if I didn't find a job next year I would have to eat...gasp.. "regular food". Yep, I was scared I could not eat my organic food and buy my natural/organic products and this prompted a ferocious search for a j-o-b. 3.)  I decided that living downtown was all I was willing to settle for. Saturday, waking up to the Chi town skyline, sealed the deal. 4.) I started longing for a sensible pair of Louboutin pumps. And I have somehow convinced myself that that is a sensible purchase.5.) I kept telling people to quit "trying to jinx me" when they wished me a Happy Mother's Day. "I do not have any smalls. Thank you and goodbye." I was getting peeved too and thinking to myself "I'm better than that." Haughty h*e. But anyway....

I aint the only one suffering from that vicious disease. Thankfully; 1.) I buy my organic food from Wal Mart (w/ regular people.) 2.) Make veeeeery little cheddar. 3.) Still faithfully purchase from my fave store on this side of heaven, Target. 4.) And got sense enough to know that I cannot afford any dang Louboutin's. (as sad as it makes me). So there. Pretension (sorta) in check.

Read the article though. It had me cracking up.

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