Sep 21, 2011

Cover: Houstatlantavegas

I've posted the "Houstatlantavegas" Sonnymoon cover before but it remains to date one of my favorite covers (with Jojo "Can't Do Better" in a close second.) This Drake original was always a fantastic musical moment but it's something about Sonnymoon's interpretation that strips it down to its bare brilliance to uncover a truth that lives inside all of us- we sometimes find ourselves stuck in the stagnant cradles of our dreams. We sale our soul to pay the bills. We allow fear to banish us from the world of pure productivity and excellence. We accept the regular, satisfactory and rational. We're STUCK. (It doesn't have to be in Houston, Atlanta OR Vegas.) It can be right in your head. Which means at the end of the day, you are the keeper of the golden key.

And now you know how this song really makes me feel. :)


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