Aug 2, 2010

Style Dopeness: Coco&Breezy

I present to you, my friends, two of the dopest twins on this side of heaven. Think dope, add some glitter and rage and there you have Coco&Breezy. Coco&Breezy hail from the chilly state of Minnesota and now reside in the fashion hub of New York City. I have been following these ladies for about 2 years and it is so interesting to see the ways in which their style has shifted. They use to be these women who rocked bright colors and neon hair and now their style is more Rihanna meets real life swag. I love it!

images found here
 They are also the creators of the sunglasses line, Coco&Breezy. These sunglasses are edgy, affordable and DOPE! Check a video from their latest line, 20/20.

Coco & Breezy "20/20" Collection from Corey Davis on Vimeo.

To purchase their dope sunglasses go to Coco&Breezy.


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