Aug 12, 2010

Artist of the Moment: Solange

I was totally going to do a "Song of the Moment" and then I realized that that was completely inaccurate! I have been playing Solange in excess for the last week. Like over....and over...and over again... She's definitely stealing one of my top spots this last year. She is a true testament to the power of the complete package. I love Solange's style and coupled with her music I'm over here gagging with excitement. Here's what I've been playing on repeat.

Stillness Is the Move is a cover of a Dirty Projector's Song  but Solange indeed delivers.

Next up is, "Under Construction". Solange posted this for freezies on her website about a month ago. LOVE!

And then lastly is "Cosmic Journey" feat Bilal which has been a longtime fave.

And as an unrelated bonus/ for old time's sake, I've been playing Animal Collective- My Girls  just because.


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