Jul 8, 2010

2 Day In Music..

I know, I know..... I will not even apologize for my absence because there really is not a legitimate excuse.. Except, 1.)I just got a new, wonderful job. 2.) I've been traveling a lot lately (Going to Vegas today as well!) and 3.) I've been a lazy bones.
Lo Siento. You can thank my lil sis for getting back in the game!

1. So, remember how I'm not the biggest fan of Rihanna's voice? Well, I dig her on the new Eminem song! It's hott!

That's all folks! Thanks for stopping by!
2. J. Cole. The love of my life! I am SUCH a fan of him AND this video. :::swoon:::

btw, J.Cole > Drake.

3. Talib Kweli brings us "The Ballad of the Black Gold" which is a commentary on the corrupt nature of the acquisition of oil. Love this!

4. And up last we have Janelle Monae with her "Tightrope Remix" ft. B.O.B. and Lupe Fiasco. I am crazy about Janelle if you have not noticed!!! This girl is the truth!

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