Jul 21, 2010

Just To Get To Know: Chantae Cann

The first time I heard Chantae Cann was completely by accident. I was perusing youtube getting my fix of India Arie, live, when I came across a video of her backup singers doing their thing. Chantae Cann sang and I stopped everything and just sat their, mouth open and let her voice fill me with warmth and love. You hear Chantae Cann and you hear God. No lie.

This is the first video I ever heard of Chantae singing...woooow...

I"m still listening to this regularly, like it's a mastered track...lol.

Here is a video mashup of her doing a couple different songs.

And Lord, Please hear India's other backup singer, Ametria Dock! This gurl is bonkers too! Just wooooow!

Also, Happy Birthday Chantae!

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