Oct 19, 2011

Video Rundown

I'm really weird about posting music videos. I think unless your name is Kanye West or Beyonce you dont deserve a spot in my life... this is unless of course, your video is DOPE. With that being said, I'll offer you a round up of videos you may have missed. Dope and more.

Here's newcomer Elle Varner with the J. Cole featured track, "Only Wanna Give It To You". Loving the colors and I am very curious about the way her team intends to brand her. Cute girl.

 Now THIS video is DOPE. Check Rihanna with "We Found Love", directed by Melina.
Rihanna on WhoSay

 I'm CRAZY about the styling in the video and in LOVE with the way they're branding Cher Lloyd! (A post coming soon on the duo who styled Cher in this video.) WOOORD!

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